Hollywood behind the Iron Curtain

ISBN: 9789633384800 Kategóriák: ,

Megjelenés: 2022

Oldalszám: 308


Translated by Rachel and János Hideg

ISBN 978-963-338-480-0

Published in 2023, by Napvilág Kiadó, Budapest

Number of pages: 308

DOI: https://doi.org/10.56973/22.4800




Between the WWII movie Air Force – screened in 1945 – and the sci-fi horror Invaders from Mars released on 28th December 1989 the Hungarian cinemagoers could watch almost 800 American films. The majority of these movies – the ones arriving after 1948 – were judged and accepted by censorship authorities exercising selection by ideology but also quality.

The volume discusses the history of the film admission policy in state socialist Hungary and through this prism gives an insight into the shifts and debates of cultural policy and foreign policy and the tensions of openness and closedness throughout the communist regime. It also offers the analysis of ideological discourse on culture through the public reception of American movies and the contradictions of cultural, ideological and commercial goals and constraints.


About the author

Robert Takács, PhD, is the scientific fellow of the Institute of Political History and the editor-in-chief of the scientific quarterly Múltunk. His main research interest is the history of cultural policy and transfers, state socialist publicity and journalism, political humour. 

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